Socorro: Beyond Expectations

It is almost impossible to organize a liveaboard better than the one we had during the last week. Nature remains still nature. The essence of nature showed up also during the last week: in some dive sites, we had the chance to admire fantastic pelagic creatures, while other sites seemed to be quite empty but were full of benthic beauties.
I enjoyed all the guests and of course the entire crew. Especially the dive guides. And don’t forget about Mariela and Laura. The two angels are able to fulfill almost every wish. And finally thanks to Felipe, the cook. He was so kind to open up his kitchen for us. And we (Giuseppe and I) could cook our famous Italian spaghetti sauce.
Great trip, with tremendous dives, and a lot of fun. To recommend to every (experienced) diver.

Giuseppe Caruso, Gabrielo Mauro Tini, Italy

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On November 9th, we had the distinct pleasure of traveling aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie to Socorro: and can’t say enough good things about Captain Beto and the crew for running one of best live-aboard operations we’ve ever been on… In particular, we were extremely impressed with the knowledge, versatility teamsmanship and experience of your dive masters and deck crew, Stein, Xavier, Dani, Elise and Uriel and Donovan; your wonderfully caring and attentive cabin stewards Laura, Mariela and Carmen; your outstanding chef Felipe; your engineer Emily who worked tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly; and Capt Beto and 1st Mate Brandon who worked alongside their crew day in and day out to insure a safe, seamless and fine- tuned experience for their guests. Oh and, the diving far exceeded our wildest expectations, especially the mantas, the dolphins, the scalloped hammerheads, the tigers, the wahoo, the tuna and all the other amazing marine life we got to see.

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