Socorro: From Desire to Reality

Socorro has been my desire since I´ve been here as a teenager. One of the first trips I did as a diver was to Archipelago Revillagigedo and since then I couldn´t help but want to come back. This year my dream came true finally and it was even better than I expected. First of all, I would like to mention that two trips I did were on different seasons, one in April and one time November. Starting with the differences, mostly when it comes to water temperature, April was better. The only expectation I didn´t meet that I had from last time was whale sharks, but it´s the ocean, you never know what you see. The trip experience was 10/10 and mostly that’s thanks to the crew of the boat; they´re so kind and caring, even if you had a bad day of diving or didn´t sleep well, they´ll make you forget about it and smile from your heart. Talking about diving, it was breathtaking: mantas (actually a lot and a close interaction!!!), hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, and overall A LOT of sharks, literally every dive. If you get tired of the ¨big stuff¨ Socorro will offer you nice marine life, colorful fishes, and other reef life. This place already has a soft spot in my heart and I´m looking forward to coming back, especially for Guadalupe, if they open it again one day.

Alisa – Russia.

By Nautilus Guests

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