Giant Mantas in Socorro Island

This morning we start our dives with a little bit of difficulty. Mother ocean was in a rush with a strong current which made it a little difficult to stay on the dive site at Punta Tosca. We found some shelter in the big lava fingers were different cleaning stations with Clarion Angel fish can be found. Giant Mantas come very close to divers when they approach the site to be cleaned from parasites and bacteria. It is a very important job the clarion angel fish does for the Mantas in Socorro archipelago.
Our second and third dives were unbelivable! Current was still intense but everyone was able to handle it in a secure and efficient way. We got visit of different mantas who were very interactive and curious about us. Later we also had a visit of a pod of bottle nose dolphins, hammerhead sharks and even a quick pass by of a tiger shark!
Incredible diving day!

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