Beautiful Experience at Socorro

Aloha! I am writing this on the last day, and my goodness: What a beautiful experience this trip has been! From start to finish, this trip has been a memory of a lifetime. It couldn’t have been made possible without the outstanding crew, they truly go above and beyond, and work so hard. I am so grateful for them and the work the work they put in, I truly cannot thank them enough.

I also cannot complete this without talking about the most amazing diving either! The dive masters are so knowledgeable about the dive sites and marine life, and are so helpful and kind. We saw so many amazing things from dolphins, schooling hammerheads, spectacular manta encounters, many different sharks species, and beautiful topography. These sites and this place are absolutely mind blowing and I look forward to coming back with Nautilus in the future. Thank you, thank you for such a beautiful and impressionable experience that I will never forget.

Katie B

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