Perfect Christmas Day at Socorro

Today we arrived back to San Benedicto Island, and we had our fingers crossed that the Current Gods would be kind to us on Christmas Day and bless us with the opportunity to dive The Boiler, one of the National Geographic 100 Dives of a Lifetime. Also today, we had two divers who would be hitting their 100th dives…a very exciting milestone for a diver, made even more exciting by diving the 100th at The Boiler on Christmas Day! As it turned out, we were incredibly fortunate to have several Chevron and Black Mantas that wanted to spend Christmas Day hanging out with us, showing us their beautiful choreographed “dances”. On each of our four dives, all four dive groups were treated to long, beautiful shows from these ethereal, magical creatures. We were also treated to a brief visit by a very large and beautiful silver tip shark who was just passing by to see what all the Manta Mania was all about. Last but not least, we had a few lovely sharks circling the boat this morning, as it was still a bit dark for our very early Christmas morning dive adventure. Basically, we could not have asked for a better final day of diving for our 2023 Christmas Socorro trip. Basically, it was a perfect Christmas Day!


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