When is the Best Time to Dive in Socorro?

Frequently, our guests ask us when is the best time to visit Socorro (Revillagigedo, Mexico). And to be honest, any time is the best time! We run trips to Socorro from November to the end of June, and any time would be good for you and your friends to come and dive with us.

Over the years, we have learned that mother nature, and in particular, the ocean is unpredictable. But also, we have learned that our favorite marine animals are always around the islands, and no matter the month you choose to visit us, you will have wonderful encounters.

In our itinerary, we visit San Benedicto Island, Socorro Island, and Roca Partida. Captains are always analyzing weather conditions to take us to the sites where we will be more protected and with better chances to have the best possible dives.

During the 5 days of diving, we can see mantas, hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, silvertip sharks, and white-tip reef sharks on every single trip, no matter the month of the season. Most of the time, we have very good encounters with friendly dolphins, and often we are lucky enough to see tiger sharks and whale sharks.

Whale sharks are one of our favorites. They might go deep or out in the blue for weeks, and then when we least expect to see them… surprise! They are around the cleaning stations, hanging out and getting big and well-fed.

Mantas have their days; sometimes, they are on a mission to get somewhere else in between the islands, or very interested in feeding, and we see them crossing along. Other days, oh god! They are interested in our divers. They spend the entire dive swimming around us, looking us directly into our eyes! This is an experience all divers should have at least once in their lives.

This week we had wonderful dives with mantas at the Boiler, the Canyon, and Cabo Pearce dive sites. At the Canyon also we had the chance to see schooling hammerhead sharks, a tiger shark, and a whale shark! Later in the week at Roca Partida, we had some dolphins visiting us! It was a complete week with very good encounters.

So, when divers ask me for the best time to visit Socorro, the answer is ALWAYS! We are waiting for you!

Juan David – Dive Guide

By Nautilus Crew

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