The diving at Socorro is hot. Super hot.

El Niño years are interesting and we never know quite what mother ocean holds in store for us. We have been diving Socorro for over 40 years and once again, the El Niño event has had no effect on our diving.

Water temps are normal probably for the reason that we are situated mid-way between the Ecuadorian upwellings and south of the warmer waters on the USA coast. The diving this season has been our best ever. We are encountering giant mantas every day and, quite often our guests see them on every dive which is in stark contrast to 20 years ago at the height of the illegal longline fishing when we might see mantas on 2 or maybe 3 days of each trip. Conservation efforts over the years have worked. Cooperation between the Solmar and ourselves united in our effort to chase out illegal fishing worked. Intervention and support by the government of Mexico worked. And now we all reap the rewards of being able to dive in this beautiful oceanic oasis.

We have more sharks than ever including 20 to 30 super cute juvenile white trip reef sharks at Roca Partida ranging between 45 and 55 cm in length. These babies are just amazing and we are wondering if Roca Partida is now a shark nursery.

Our guests have had loads of dolphin encounters and the seasonal population of mating and birthing humpback whales are just starting to arrive from Alaska. Our 2024 season runs through early July and then recommences at the end of October. Come and join us!!

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