Diving Bliss at Cabo Pearce, Socorro

What a great day of diving, friends!

Today is our third day of diving, the second one in Socorro, at the dive site: Cabo Pearce!

The first dive of the day was quite calm, which was perfect to explore this stunning lava finger, starting low but ending in the deep blue. The currents were interesting with their changing directions but not too strong. An octopus kindly showed us its tentacles until a small whitetip shark appeared, and our friend hid in a reef crevice. Colorful nudibranchs added the perfect touch to the dive.

The second dive was incredible with a wall of hammerhead sharks! I counted around 40! And of course, the giant mantas couldn’t be missed. About 4 dolphins showed up during the third dive, and a black manta kindly accompanied me during my safety stop.

Throughout the day, the entire crew treated us like royalty and friends. It’s a pleasure to have them around, joking, helping, giving advice. I loved everyone!


By Nautilus Guests

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