Great First Day at Socorro

The day started with the first dive at El Fondeadero at San Benedicto Island. It was for the checkout dive for weight and to get used to the current and topography of the reefs. It was success as we saw many reef sharks for the first time. The next three dives for the day were at El Cañon which had a couple of cleaning stations where we were able to see many hammerheads and reef sharks coming through, as many as a dozen circling through the station. Also many octopus, friendly lobsters, octopus and a trunkfish but with the blue and yellow colors and spots of a juvenile damsel fish… so cool! The methods of procedures on the ship and dive skiffs are well explained and the help of the gentle and encouraging staff is much appreciated! After the day of wonderful dives, food, a great crew and friends old and new, we set off for Socorro Island for exciting dives tomorrow!

Chris Bertolini

By Nautilus Guests

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