Epic Diving: Dolphins, Manta Rays, and Sharks

Today was the most epic day of diving! We had incredible dive guides along with an amazing group of ladies from Girls That Scuba! We are a terrific group from all over the world – none of us had known each other prior to three days ago. We all are part of an online Facebook group and have one primary thing in common – we’re all girls that scuba! GTS (Girls That Scuba) coordinated this trip with Dive Ninjas for an incredible 8-day diving trip on the incredible Nautilus Liveaboards.

The staff is incredible, Mar is always at the ready with a hot beverage of choice, homemade treats that will make you cry when you go home and don’t have her incredible smile to light up your day. The dive guides are all incredible and take the insane patience to get to know each and every person on the ship.

They learn your strengths and weaknesses and are ever at the ready to help you gain confidence and advance your skills. They quickly become a family you always wanted and are stocked in the memory banks for a truly trip of a lifetime!

Today we had a day at ‘The Boiler,’ and each group had an incredible story to tell from their individual dive! We were treated to a morning dive with playful dolphins, large manta rays (they come in all black – did you know that!?!?!) that loved to pass over a dive group and play in their air bubbles. Dolphins made multiple appearances and requested to play with the ‘goofy sea monkeys,’ and of course, there was the ever-present array of sharks and giant lobsters!

Mario, Mariana & Dany, Chapo, and the entire staff are always ready to make your trip truly remarkable! If you’ve ever considered doing a liveaboard – do it! You will NEVER EVER regret the truly unforgettable experience!


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