Juvenile Dolphins to Galapagos Sharks at Socorro

Everything about this experience was synthesized into this final day. The big boys of sea life came out to play, the people were joyous, hard working, and kind, the boat was delightful, and the food was delicious. Today, my inner child laughed with delight as juvenile dolphins jumped alongside the skiff on our way out to the dive sites. What an amazing experience to be equally excited by what you see above water as much as below. The dolphins met us in the deep and I had the most amazing experience playing with one, eye to eye, heart to heart, witnessing each other as beings on this Earth. I was mesmerized by an octopus furling out its tentacles across the ocean floor and when I looked up, a massive Galapagos shark was moving right across our path. Mantas, dolphins, octopus, white tip sharks, silver tip sharks, galapagos sharks, anemone, sea stars, eels, angel fish, and so much more… wow, I can die happy.

Carlos – Dive Guide

By Nautilus Crew

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