Socorro: A Diver’s Dream

Love this diving trip to Socorro with Nautilus Liveaboard!

The crew is fantastic, extremely caring, and competent.

We are enjoying dolphins swimming near us at Roca Partida and San Benedicto. Several pods swam near and around us playfully, as well as a nice quantity of sharks and the very special Manta Rays. There are also huge schools of jacks, lobsters, tuna.

The Nautilus is very clean, the cabins are comfortable, the food is delicious.

We also are enjoying nice sunsets from the top deck, and when the sun goes down, we can see clearly the moon and the stars. All of the divemasters are very knowledgeable, helpful, and caring towards each diver. They are keeping safety as the number one priority.

Now I need to go, we have 3 more dives today and it is only 9:15 AM!


By Nautilus Guests

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