Steel Tank Magic

Since day 1, we do our check-out dive, and we try to get the perfect amount of weight for our divers in order to enjoy the week full of diving. We have steel tanks on board that allow you to have the weight in the back instead of a heavy weight belt! Not everybody likes that feeling. A couple of days ago, I helped Michael Weston switch his heavy weight belt to one of our steel tanks. On the first try, the tank plus 4 more pounds (the tank itself weighs about 6 pounds) didn’t make him buoyant once he got low on air. He did really well but kept using his BCD a lot. So we subtracted 2 pounds, and wow!! You could see how comfortable he was, not dragging any extra weight and using his BCD very, very little. His trim was perfect, and he felt more relaxed. He is happy diving with a steel tank and no heavy weight belt.


By Nautilus Crew

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