Sharks, Rays, and Manta Magic at Socorro

After a day at sea, we were all excited to get in the water. The first dive was explained as a checkout dive, to ensure everyone’s equipment and weights were perfect. We had no issues and the divemaster did a great job getting everyone squared away before we descended. Within minutes we were spotting white tip sharks, Galapagos sharks, nurse sharks, silky sharks, sting rays, and tons of species of fish. These were have been a great first dive, but the arrival of 4 Manta Rays swimming in and around our group made this the best first day unforgettable. These animals are so curious and majestic, we stayed and watched until the Nixtrox runs out. The next three dives were almost as good, with Mantra Rays and sharks on almost every dive. The hot cocoa waiting for you when you come back to the boat helped a ton as well. first Day A++.


By Nautilus Guests

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