Socorro: Many Magical Moments.

After waking up to a delicious breakfast of banana bread and fruit, we embarked on our first dive at Cabo Pierce at Socorro Island. We boarded the skiff and dropped down to the dive site. After about 20 mins, the giant mantas appeared out of the blue. Both chevron and black mantas began to circle around us. They came in so close as if they were very interested in the tiny humans blowing bubbles. It was a magical experience. We then surfaced to have our hot breakfast, rest a bit, and suit up for our next dive. On our second dive of the day, we jumped off the skiff into a pod of dolphins. They didn’t stick around long, but it is so neat to see them up close. We continued our dive looking for the mantas, but were surprised when we came across a school of hammerheads at our safety stop. They were darting around us so quickly, that I couldn’t spin my head fast enough! It was absolutely amazing. Our third and final dive of the day gave us a glimpse of some more hammerheads, but was made even more exciting when we surfaced to find out there was a humpback whale and her baby by the boat! We jumped in the skiff and followed, they were fast, but we got to see them at the surface and it was breathtaking. We are now winding down and getting ready for dinner and a cocktail, hoping that tomorrow holds just as many magical moments.


By Nautilus Guests

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