San Ignacio Gray Whales Season has started!

The gray whales have arrived at San Ignacio Lagoon!

We hope you will come and visit us this season at San Ignacio for  the most extraordinary whale interaction on the planet. Limited space is still available in both glamping and our luxury camps.

The gray whales are extraordinary in so many ways. Not just because they choose to “human watch”, checking us out with up-close and personal interaction on their own terms, but also because of their playfulness and inquisitiveness. I’m not sure that we adequately describe just how much fun these whales often seem to have with us.

They like us!! They play with us. I think they get joy out of it.

And there is more. Gray whales have been well-documented riding the surf into the lagoon and then swimming out and repeatedly surfing in over and over. In British Columbia and Alaska, I have seen them many times just off the beach, inside the kelp line, messing around in the shallows. Why would they do this? There is the obvious danger of grounding and stranding, and they don’t seem to be feeding in the near shallows. We believe they are surfing just for the sheer pleasure of it.

Take yourself on a life changing adventure like no other and live your experience with the gentle giants of the ocean!

Captain Mike Lever

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