El Cañón On Fire!

This is one of those dive sites where you don’t know where to look; honestly, there’s so much going on, it’s nuts!! Today, after our check-out dive, we were blessed right when we jumped.

We saw a tiger shark, plus amazing visibility. As we approached the cleaning station, we faced a big wall of hammerheads gently swimming next to the edge of the rock, and it just got better and better.

When we got to the cleaning station, a couple of dusky sharks were swimming around, and the station was busy with the number of Galapagos and a few silvertips in between.

We went a little deeper next to the receptor, and we saw two black tips swimming in the blue. And this is not all—the school of hammerheads passed by again, and a giant manta was slowly swimming next to it. Suddenly, we were hearing the beautiful song of some humpbacks.

So, I could say this dive is definitely one of my favorites, and I’ve been diving around these waters since the 2019 season. I love the canyon; please come and dive with us and don’t miss this out. We are in San Benedicto on board the Nautilus Explorer.


By Nautilus Crew

Recent blogs and dive reports from the crew onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard's vessels.

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