The Giant Manta and Sin Killer Whales!

Oh San Benedicto, how much magic you hold! To start us off seeing nothing but milky white waters and then peak suprises out of the blue!! A whole pod of false killer whales singing to us from a far or near. Then at the end of our dive they appeared to play and start our day. Mothers and babies coming right up to us to say hello! Welcome to San Benedicto! As if that wasn’t enough, A Giant Manta next appeared, swooping, swirling and floating around us all with such grace and beauty!! These things made all the sharks seem like fish, but still their presence makes a list. Silky Shark, White Tip Reef Shark, Tiger Shark, Galapogos Shark, Hammerhead Shark.

May 22 2023
Roca Partida
First, I must say Happy Aniversary to my dear Husband, Brett. So sorry you could not be with me on this trek. I swam in the ocean today with all your fish. The wall of white tip reef sharks swimming with such intent and purpose. The schools jacks, trevally and 100 pound tuna all came to the wall looking for a snack. The most magical was our mamma Whale Shark, such a small enourmous baby girl! I named her Ily for I Love You Whaley! She swam to me as if she wanted to kiss me, or eat me and for a moment I was not sure which. Swimming with Ily in Roca Partida was not on the list. It was a truly magical moment of discovering Mother Nature.

May 23 2023
Socorro Island
Today was merky and the cold water pierced through my veins. The swells all to fun to play in , feeling what the fish feel, going where the waters want. Then appeared a green sea turtle swimming my way. Then another, and another having fun with us divers, even the crooked tail came out to play! The Cornetfish look like tiny Chinese Dragons and yellow trumphetfish too! Giant spiney lobsters and an eel poked its head out to say hello! The night sky bedazled with all the stars to see. Ending the night with the silky sharks lit up by our dive lights. Thank you Socorro and Goodnight!

May 24 2023
Cabo Pierce
Oh MOther’s waters how could you have given us more! Diving Cabo Pierce was the most magical sea site ever! Manta’s circling up from the deep, swooping in massive circles as though they are there for us to see. Turtles following divers, Octopus having a nice Pufferfish snack. White tip reef sharks piled up in their den, on top of each other like puppies all cuddled in. Then out of the blue flies a Tiger Shark! Like a rainbow of beauty, all smiles, stripes, tiger and … shark! So majestic and beautiful! Lastly, the dolphin, oh how you taunt me! Flying up from the deep into a circle of Mantas, through our group just to check us out then diving down much farther and fast than we could ever go. Thank you for coming to say hello!

May 25 2023
El Canyon
Today I am sad as this is all too short of an adventure is coming to a close. But once more strapping on the dive clothes! Into the milky blue waters, a shadow moving in the deep. Then Hammerheads, Galapagos, Silver Tip and Silky’s coming out to greet. The sharks move in and out of their cleaning stations. The cleaner fish ready to go. Cold, milky waters give sus such a show! Last dive in Socorro, all the fish come out to say farewell! The best was you Manta. You came right to me as if to say goodbye, our eyes locked you did circles around me and then presented me your back is if saying “climb on and lets go fly”. Thank you magical creatures for being so connecting and kind. I will be back someday and see which of you I can find.

May 26 2023
Goodby Socorro
Happy birthday Mamma, today I am coming home. Staring out into the pacific blue. What wonders lie beneath the veil of vibration and sound. A whole other world that nature covers from our eyes. The a booby flies by, dive bombs to get a fish, and I realize that these birds may be the only creatures to experience both sides of this veil. How blessed we are to go diving. A world most people never see. A land that makes no sense on land, gets to be experienced by me. Thank you Mother Ocean for setting my soul free! Thus begins the next count down of my days till I come back to you. One day we won’t have to part. Until then, you have always held my heart!!! 

Heidy, USA

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