Trip of a lifetime!

Did any of the crew make an extraordinary impression on you?

Absolutely, Each and all of them ! The Captain Ramon is truly exceptional friendly and firm perfectly knowledgeable and willing to offer us the best of experience he manages his crew in clever manner and their professionalism dedication and adaptability were evident in every decision they made, their genuine concern on our well being created a joyous and welcoming atmosphere on board, Moreover their personalities enriched our time together creating a sense of camaraderie among everyone on board. Not only the Captain but the entire crew and guests on board were intelligent, respectfull and courteous, It was a pleasure to meet and share experiences with like minded individuals who were equally passionate about marine life and exploration, The positive energy among the group made the entire experience even more enjoyable, In addition to the incredible diving experiences the culinary delights provided on board were simply exquisite, The delicious varied and fresh food surpassed all expectations, Enrique is a Top Chef, each meal was a treat and as if it was needed we were spoiled by Rodrigo, King of cookies on top of it !!!!!

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We are extremely grateful I am thrilled to write a heartfelt recommendation for this incredible diving organisation that i had the priviledge to experience during my liveaboard diving holidays on Nautilius Explorer! From begining to end every aspect of the trip was handled with outmost care and high level professionalism, Thanks to Captain Ramon and his wonderful crew Perla Rodrigo Angel Luis Enrique Omar Fausto The level os service provided by the diving team Celina Pascal Dani Carlos was outstanding,They went above and beyond to ensure that all guests felt welcomed and well cared for. Their attention to detail and commitment to creating a positive atmosphere truly made the diving experiences memorable. Pascal shares his enthousiasm and this is contagious !!! They are all multi talented and skilled from dive instructors to captain of the skiffs to drive a crane to lower down or lift the skiff from the deck to te water and reverse to constantly maintain the diving deck perfectly organised to share their passion through presentstion on Manta Sharks and global marine life or to offer a glass with joy and care during cocktail hours to ensure that we all have a dry towel after a dive or have drank enough water before a dive,,,,,, and so on,,, not to mention how perfectly guided we have been under water to experienced such incredible moments with Mantas tiger sharks galapagos sharks Hammerhead sharks silky sharks and those adorable white tips sharks witnessed their curious behaviour towards us allowing us to feel invited in their wild environemt . We need masters to know how to bring us to this awesome extraordinary moments !!! These particularly dives need to be so well prepared we need to learn how to behave with these animals and follow all recommendations from veru knowledgeable and talented dive instructors, lets supposed we. as divers, did well as the dive masters shared with us so memorable events !!! What truly sets this diving organisation apart is their commitment to preserving the marine ecosystem, Being on UNESCO protected site allow us to witness the richness density and health of the marine life, each dive was a surprise filled with awe inspiring sights and encounters with faboulous sea creatures, It was a priviledge to be able to explore remarkable environemet all while ensuring utmost safety and care for the natural spledour that surrounded us, Communication was seamless thanks to the excellent organisation and efficient team From briefing us on dive sites to relaying important information the diving organisation open lines of communication made us feel very well informed and included in all aspect of the trip while picking up right after the dive as soon as we surface so efficient !!! It was sporty to getting of the skiff due to constant curent and theu were always present welcoming to help despite the precise briefing we had received , the curent is reminding us that nature has the power ! The quality of equipement provided, each piece of gear was well maintained and in excellent condition , My heart is full of gratitude joy love respect and may be faith in human beings THANK YOU SO MUCH

Frederique S

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