Epic Day in Socorro

Our first full day on Gallant Lady was an epic Blockbuster! It started with dolphins before breakfast – cruising around the bay we were anchored in. Then we were picked up by Tequila in his panga to go blue whale watching. And what an exhilarating few hours! Thanks to the spotter plane, we eventually found our first blue whale. We were super lucky with our day and conditions and had one big blue whale reappeared for us many times. Plus we could see the spouts of at least three other blue whales in our local area. They are truly awe inspiring creatures.
To top off an incredible morning we then happened upon a school of dolphins on the way back to the Gallant Lady and we had the most fun and joyous time with them playing in our bow wave for what seemed like a really long time.
And then as we rebounded the Gallant Lady and steamed off to our next anchorage we saw more blue whales and jumping mobile rays. Seriously?!!
Now that’s an epic day.


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