Socorro Diving: An Underwater Dream

Have you ever heard about an underwater paradise? Diving in Socorro is pretty much like that.

socorro diving

Socorro Diving it’s like stepping into an underwater dream. It’s one of those places that makes you wonder if what you’re seeing is real.

As you ease into the deep blue waters, get ready to be greeted by a bustling underwater world that’s just teeming with life: Majestic Giant Mantas, with their wings waving like they’re waving hello, gracefully dolphins cruising by, while curious Hammerhead Sharks check you out from afar.

We had a wonderful 9 day trip to Socorro! Holly moly! Hammers, dolphins, mantas! Oh, my!
This was my second trip with Nautilus Liveaboards and I plan on taking a third!
The crew was absolutely EXCEPTIONAL.
From the moment we set foot in Sea creatures to the moment we disembarked, they took the best care of us.

Who knows where the road goes, where the day flows…only time, but I know I will be back!!

Joseph Looney

Socorro isn’t just for experienced adventurers; it’s also a welcoming place for beginners.

Our expert guides will lead you by the hand through calm waters, ensuring you feel safe and confident at every moment. Safety is our number one priority, so you can relax and enjoy every second of this unique experience.

I cannot believe what a day we had. I have to admit I definitely had the jitters on the crossing and even though Juan David gave an incredible detailed dive briefing I was still unsure, however that dissipated as soon as we got into the water.

Mantas everywhere!!

We didn’t even have to move that far from where we dropped down, they came to us. giving us a “welcome to San Benedicto” show.

WOW! Dive three was shark, shark, shark and manta, manta, manta!!! Pretty sure I got whiplash from the sharks coming from every direction!
But I do want to comment on the safety of the Nautilus crew … TOPNOTCH!

They go above and beyond to make sure we are well briefed, feel safe and have fun. They are passionate and caring!

Juan David and Marceal really made this first day special for me and I cannot wait to see what day 2 brings!!!


A great experience that should be on every diver’s bucket list! Terrific professional crew that showed us all that Socorro can offer; pelagic mantas, sharks, fish and epic undewater views.

All in safety and comfort. Highly recommended!


Trip was great! We were happy to spend this week in the ocean. Diving with dolphins was amazing.

Thanks to the crew for taking care of us.


So, are you ready to dive into the magical world of Socorro?

Join us on this thrilling underwater adventure and discover why so many divers return time and time again to these waters in search of new thrills and unforgettable experiences.

See you under the sea!

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