Sharks, Mantas, and Unforgettable Moments at The Canyon

Today was the first day of diving and it was incredible. The first dive was a check out dive for the guests and the Nautilus crew to get comfortable. The crew was amazing and made sure we were all prepared, gear was ready, and mostly importantly that we were mentally ready for the day of adventures. Although brief the first dive was important I was able to work out the kinks of regulating my pressure and weight. This made me feel safe and secured in my abilities the rest of the day. On the checkout dive we saw two mantas and multiple white sharks, it was a magnificent experience to start the day. 

After a hardy breakfast, I was ready for the second dive. When we got in the skiff we headed to The Canyon. The Canyon was a beautiful drop off that hosted a cleaning ground at its base. With my weight and pressure on point, I was able to descend comfortably and couldn’t be more excited for the action. The drift was strong during our second dive and it took a little work to get the cleaning ground. Well worth it. Upon arrival we saw a pack of Hammerhead sharks that crossed only 30 feet in front of us as we sat low at the base of the ocean floor. After the Hammerheads passed, a few small white tip came along and then a massive Galapagos shark came swimming right above my wife and I. It was amazing, at no point did we feel intimidated or unsafe, Niko always ensured we were together in a pack and safely viewing from a distance. We saw another Manta and multiple Eels and small sharks. What a day that was only getting started. 

Next stop was the boat for another knockout meal! After taking time to recharge, we headed back to the Canyon. The Canyon was nothing but a beauty. Visibility was clear, the current had slowed down, and action was even more prevalent then earlier. This time at the cleaning station it was shark city! All types of adult and juvenile sharks were hanging at the base of the Canyon. We saw silver tips, whitetip sharks, and Galapagos sharks. We had an absolute blast just sitting patiently as the frenzy played within stones throw reach! 

Next stop was the boat for a solid reset. We had an hour and half between our next dive, so my wife and I decided to take a brief nap. She was experiencing minor fatigue and the time out of the water was enough to regroup us both! We were headed to the Canyon for dive four. The fourth dive started slower then the last two, the drift was back and we had to work ourselves through the current. Once we landed at the base of the cleaning ground we admired the small fish and sea floor. The Eels were head out taking in the currents breeze, with the lobster perched in every corner. After about 15 minutes the sharks entered into the grounds. It was magnificent, the Galapagos were bigger then the ones we saw in the morning and they were rolling in packs! As we started to head towards the top of the Canyon to head up, Niko noticed a massive Tiger Shark. When I say massive, I mean huge! Easily ten feet. It was a beast!!! It came and was gone in a minute, but what an experience to see such a force of nature right before our eyes. Such an amazing end to a great day. 

I want to thank everyone at the Nautilus for this day one experience and I couldn´t be more excited for the next 3 days!!!!


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