Roca Partida: Dolphins, Mantas, and Lobsters

Day three aboard the Nautilus Explorer, we have arrived at Roca Partida; a volcanic pinnacle in the middle of the Pacific. The first dive we interacted with four curious dolphins while Black Mantas and Giant Oceanic Mantas float by. White tip sharks are sweeping past the rock, and through our group with not even a side eye. We even saw some tucked into caves for slumber parties. 

We were told some big lobsters reside here on a shelf; they kid you not. These massive original lobsters from Noah’s Arc are on full display ruling this rock from their balcony. A large moray zips by, chasing away a large jack up and down his highway which is a large vertical crevice. Schools of tuna flank more manta rays at this cleaning station where all the big boys have come to play. 

Stay alert kids, as everything can change in the blink of an eye; a galapagos amongst the silvertips catches your eye, and from the blue a whale shark approaches!

As a solo traveller this is an awesome experience; I am sharing a room with someone who was my friend before we were even done unpacking our suitcases. The divers are spread about the boat, sharing stories, a close knit group of like minded individuals. The boat is full of laughter and bathing suits hanging to dry. The ever accommodating staff are relentless with the spoiling and the dive-masters are very good at pretending that babysitting me and my rookie shenanigans is a pleasure and don’t get me started about the chef! Another break taking sunset on the top deck with the excited chatter of new friends in the background closes off another unbelievable day of diving. It is hard to imagine topping this day, but that is what I said yesterday too! 

I look over the rail to watch the silky sharks play in the lights from the boat. The crew is busy packing up as we head out. I am full of anticipation for tomorrow. Another day full of spectacular diving, never to be forgotten.


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