Pure magic at Socorro

Deep under water I hear little sounds. Clicks, some giggling, more clicks. I turn my head and look straight into the eye of a dolphin. Pure magic.

After some amazing dives around the Revillagigedo Islands with manta’s and sharks, I tell the captain I never encountered dolphins during my dives. I had several magical times snorkeling with them, but never saw them on a dive. ‘Tomorrow’, the captain promises. ‘Tomorrow you will see dolphins. This is my promise’. Only to add; ‘My promise without guarantee.’

The next day, the circumstances are challenging. The waves are high, the wind is strong and the current even stronger. But then I hear that magical sound, clicks. I hear them before I see them. I have some trouble locating the clicks. I am looking forward but then my buddy points next to me. I turn my head and look into the eye of a dolphin up close. Three dolphins swim by, laughing out loud. One dolphin turns, swims next to me upside down and looks right into my soul. The dolphin giggles. After a couple of minutes that feel like forever the dolphins hurry to the surface. I am sure they will do some happy jumps there knowing they again touched some peoples hearts and souls.

Sunny Jansen. NUS Feb 2024.

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