Diving in Socorro: Amazing Experiences

Diving in Socorro

This February, diving in Socorro surprised both guests and the crew of Nautilus who were aboard the Nautilus Explorer, and they had the opportunity to experience spectacular marine encounters.

During the four dives, we saw hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, white silver tips, and tons of lobsters. We are making our way to Socorro, and I cannot wait to see lots of mantas and sharks 🙂


I just came out of the water an hour ago, and we had the best dive of the trip so far. It was at Cabo Pearce, Socorro Island. Everybody came out of the water laughing, screaming, crying… It was an OMG dive!!! The wall was filled with Creole Fishes, and we headed down the lava finger when a big Chevron Manta showed up and slowly began to come closer, watching us. She circled us for a while, coming in and out, and you could tell she was getting more and more curious and confident. Then she began to head towards the divers and hovered above them, one by one, checking every diver in the group. All the divers behaved as we taught them in our briefings and presentations. When people behave as they should, the interaction gets better and better. This angel of the Pacific began to do a 180-degree turn and head towards the divers again, watching each of them… The thing is, when a self-conscious animal watches you like that, it seems to you as if you create a special bond in that glimpse of a moment and that you are connected to the Manta, to the Sea, to nature. That Manta stayed with us the entire dive. Another Black Manta male joined the action at one point. To Mantas checking you out is the blast, mind-boggling. But it was not the only highlight. Towards the end of the dive, 6 very friendly dolphins joined the party. The divers were out of their minds and could not believe it, making hand signs of awe and love. Even for me, being in my 6th season in Socorro, it was incredible. I feel blessed.

Dive Guide Pascal

As soon as we entered the water, a school of hammerheads showed up from the blue and gently swam to check on us… We stayed still and quiet, and suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of them!! They kept swimming gently until they departed… And then, just a moment later, I turned my head to the right and… BAM! A pod of 8 dolphins came to us. Some of them slowed down and came to check on us… One of them was a baby!!! Such a moment of happiness underwater!! Socorro is the magic place where these things happen.


Canon this trip, it was on fire!! A school of hammerheads from the beginning of the dive until the end! Suddenly, close to the cleaning station, on our first pass, a big school of hammerheads appeared, followed by a chevron manta gliding right through the middle. As we passed the cleaning station, a juvenile tiger shark swam in front of us like a model on the catwalk. And then dusky sharks, oceanic blacktips, silvertips, and Galapagos sharks!! We didn’t know where to look!! Finishing the dive, everyone was so happy and excited… starting from me!! It was like a dream… Canon, my favorite dive site.

Dive Giude Daniela

If you want to join the show, we have a ticket for you. Come check it out what Diving in Socorro is.

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