Revillagigedo Islands: Mantas Sanctuary

two giant mantas in revillagigedo islands

Our guests who are visiting Socorro, in the Revillagigedo Islands, are enjoying incredible encounters with giant mantas and discovering how friendly they are and how much they enjoy the divers’ visit.

The mantas that inhabit the Socorro waters are known to be giants. They can reach impressive sizes, with wingspans that can exceed 7 meters wide! They are friendly and curious towards divers, and often approach them playfully, giving unique opportunities for interaction!

After spending the previous day in Roca Partida, today we arrived to Revillagigedo Islands. We are anchored in Cabo Pearce where we have done four fantastic dives here.
The dive site is a lava finger that starts at the surface and goes bellow the 30m depth. It has several cleaning stations at different depths and that together with the currents make the site a magnet for mantas. The four dives that we have done here today were outstanding, in every dive there were always several mantas around.
Contrary of what someone could think, the mantas seem to like to interact with the divers, in each dive we could observe that there were more mantas at the time there were more divers in the water, and they kept circling around hovering over the divers, which made this kind of dives very special as there are not many places were the big pelagic can be seen so closely for such long periods of time.

Jesus, Spain.

The Manta’s appeared out of the deep blue. One by one, they approached us. They were so curious to KNOW us and for us to know them. It was magical attraction. They were looking us in the eye, and showing off for sure.
The second dive was just as epic, we dropped in, secured a spot out of the current, and the Manta’s came again to see who we were. My favorite are the black manta’s but they all drive within you such a feeling of connection, and trying to KNOW you. (…) The Manta’s continued to approach. Many of them, came to look me in the eye, but one of them, approached, and gently waved the end of her wing, over the top of my head, much, like a mother would rub their baby’s head. Whoa!

Laying on my back, suspended in the water, blowing bubbles and watching the Manta’s was a mix of fact and fantasy.

One of my best dive days ever! The visibility vivid, the marine life connecting with us, the water was warmer.

R.S.S., Texas.

And this trip is as special for our guests as it is for our crew, whom is still amazed about the interactions with mantas produces on them:

Amazing days at sea!, it has been wonderful 3 days in here! we had lots of action everywhere, mantas had been visiting us non stop, today in Punta Tosca, since we start to finish we had 3 mantas going around us and taking time to see us eye to eye, is mind-blowing what this animals can generate in each one of us just by seeing us.

Felipe Devoto, Dive Guide.

We want you to experience firsthand those emotions and create lifelong memories with mantas. So, this is your sign to pack your things, buy your ticket, and live your Socorro Trip Adventure in the Revillagigedo Islands.

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