Socorro Island Liveaboard: Truly Magical

If there’s something that truly excites us, it’s knowing that the experiences of our trips surprise everyone equally, and this time we want to share how amazing is our Socorro Island Liveaboard Adventure Trip!

Socorro is the destination that will never fail to astonish our travelers on any occasion, and as proof of this, we bring you the report of one of our dive guides who, in their seventh season traveling to Socorro, continues to marvel at the abundant marine life and surprising interactions that occur here, leaving them with memories that last a lifetime:

Another amazing trip in the blue waters of Revillagigedo! It is my 7th season around the islands of Socorro, San Benedicto, and Roca Partida (my favorite dive site in the world), and I can only say it gets better every year. As time goes by, it seems the mantas are even more friendly, the dolphins show up in more dive sites than before for up-close and personal interactions with the divers, craving human company. The hammerheads are no longer elusive; they are swimming right up to you. Yesterday at the canyon, we had a school of 20 hammerheads so close I could count their teeth. They just kept circling us for 5 minutes of pure magic. The whales have been singing, and one dive guide saw one swimming above the plate at Cabo Pearce. On the last day of our trip, two humpback whales put on an acrobatic show less than 100 meters from the boat. They breached, eye-hopped, and slapped their tails as we were lifting anchor – their way of saying “come back! This is where the magic happens.” If you are looking for a truly magical place to dip your fins, there is a paradise for divers that will leave you in awe. Be prepared for the best personal and close interactions with the big fish!

Dive Guide Yann, onboard the NBA

You too decide now to embark on this journey that will gift you with unique experiences! Socorro Island Liveaboard Adventure Trip is what you’ve been waiting for!

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