Socorro Trip: Simply Unforgettable

Our journey began in the port of Cabo, Mexico. We were checked in, settled into cabins, congratulated with a glass of champagne and snacks, and we set sail.
The first day on the road was just relaxing and getting to know each other. The white ship sailed at speed across the Pacific Ocean with a group of like-minded people and lovers of underwater walks. The ship’s crew did everything for us to make us feel comfortable and enjoy our vacation.
When we arrived at an uninhabited island of volcanic origin and anchored, our dives began. This was my first dive in the Pacific Ocean and I was pleasantly surprised how many sea animals I could see with my own eyes: curious and playful dolphins, giant whales that jumped out of the water with splashes falling down, schools of all kinds of fish: big and small, beautiful and evil-looking octopuses changing their outfit at the speed of light, several types of sharks (small and large, flying at speed or simply lying in heaps on top of each other, swimming in schools and circling around us.
And the giant manta rays!!! You can give a lot to meet them!
I’m glad that my friends invited me on this trip: I didn’t regret it for a second!
Professionally trained team members did everything for us to make it unforgettable!
Thank you for that!

Gala, Rusia

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