Faboulous experience! Baja is beautiful, crew of the Gallant Lady made it memorable. Captain Gordon and guide Miky worked together flawlessly to adapt of rapidly changing wind conditions to create experience after experience that built on one another, day after day. It’s difficult to pick out a highlights.
Since the migration of hundreds, perhaps thousands of common dolphins that we saw this morning,stands out The plane spotted the huge pod, Rafa guided the rib (rigid inflatable boat) to, throug,around, over the migrating dolphins, Miky provided color comentary.
Then, this afternoon we took the RIB for a fabulous fast, bouncy ride which included traveling with a humpback whale and numerous sightings of rays flying over waves.
i cant wait for this evening’s kayak where we hope to see bioliminecense below us.
all in all, it will be dificult to say good bye tomorrow morning


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