Socorro: Epic Trip

If I had to describe the day we had today in one word I would say “epic”. What a day we had in the Canyon at San Benedicto island. We had two different schools of Hammered Sharks on all four dives. All the guest have seen them today. We had Dolphins in the morning and Mantas on three of the four dives. And all the other sharks were represented as well. Lots of Galapagos, Silver tips, White tips, one Black tip and Silky sharks. But what was most impressive in my opinion was a huge female Tiger shark that we saw on multiple dives. I am pretty sure that she was pregnant. She had a big belly and I could see some maiting scars. I think this is the biggest Tiger shark I have seen in my life.
Such an amazing trip. Now we are about to leave to go back to Cabo.
Let’s see what the next trip hold for us.

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