Friendly mantas at El Boiler

I found my best friend manta. On the second day of diving we went to El Boiler and in all the dives we were with some very friendly mantas. When I came out of the second dive, Guy (from manta trust) told me that the one with the whole white belly, was the same as in the first dive, and it was the one that came closest to me all the time and we looked into each other’s eyes every time we cross. On the third dive, a different manta show up and was with us the whole time as well. But I was looking for the one with the white belly. I moved a little away from the group to look for a computer that a guest lost and I saw a manta passing in the depths, I stopped to look at it, he looked at me and began shallow directly towards me. I started swimming towards the divers and he followed me. I left her with them and went away, and in a few minutes she came back to me to say good-bye… A unique experience that you could only have in Revillagigedo

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