Pelagic Encounters at Socorro

This trip has been intense and relaxing in turn. We have seen sharks, dolphins, and mantas in spades and up close and personal.– a once in a lifetime experience. The crew on the Nautilus Explorer has been amazing–the dive guides are really great and the boat crew incredibly kind and attentive. The diving has been challenging for us, but we’ve beam well taken care of, The pelagic encounters here are unparalled–to be so close to mantas and dolphins is truly incredible. Today at Roca Partida, the swells were big but the excitement even bigger with more sharks than I’ve ever seen outside of a shark feed and dolphins!! So amazing. What a great finish to our trip.

Daniela Bacchetta

By Nautilus Crew

Recent blogs and dive reports from the crew onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard's vessels.

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