Best Diving in America: Socorro!

Discover with us Why Socorro is one of the Best Diving Destination in America!

Amazing experiences in the waters of Socorro happen every day. Our guests live unique encounters with the great diversity of marine life that inhabits the islands of Revillagigedo, and the messages filled with enthusiasm and excitement are proof that Socorro Island is more alive than ever.

The different dive spots found in the Revillagigedo Islands offer our guests a wide variety of marine encounters, ranging from giant mantas to tiger sharks and whale sharks that make stellar appearances, leaving everyone who witnesses their presence breathless. This makes Socorro the Best Diving Destination in America!

Well, I made it back (ahead of my luggage but we’ve since been reunited!) and what an INCREDIBLE experience 

A bit wobbly on my feet with land sickness for a few days having been at sea for 9 days and no, I didn’t get eaten by a shark! 

Met some amazing people from all over the World (USA, Mexico, Canada, France, Belgium, Holland …) from all walks of life but all with a collective interest – it must be the recruiter in me but I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people, hearing their stories and learning about their experiences 

Having not dived for many years nor done this sort of trip before I was definitely out of my comfort zone initially but soon got into the groove. We did 19 dives over 5 days, all on Nitrox (Enhanced Air, 30% Oxygen, nice!) 

We chose well. Socorro and the surrounding volcanic islands that make up the Revillagigedo Archipelago is an amazing place. A marine reserve (thankfully – Giant Mantas are currently listed as ‘Threatened’ under the Endangered Species Act) and a UNESCO world heritage site, located 240 miles off the Western coast of Mexico.

And the ‘mega fauna’ didn’t disappoint either especially those Giant Oceanic Manta Rays. Here’s some fun facts;

 Their average wingspan is 23 feet (max. 30 feet)
 They have the largest brain of any fish
They’re the only fish to have demonstrated the ability of Self-awareness (basically recognizing itself!).

Plenty of sharks made an appearance too – Hammerheads, Silver tips, Silky, Dusky, White tips and a couple of lucky divers spotted a Tiger shark or two – I was in my element 

Thanks again to my dive buddy Paul and everyone at Nautilus Liveaboards who I highly recommend. All staff were excellent, the whole operation is run brilliantly and I think they’ve literally thought of everything, bravo 

I had a fantastic time but it is great to be back with the family and I’m feeling energized.

If anyone out there is erring about whether or not to do something a bit different, just go for it as you won’t regret it 

Ashley Ball
socorro best diving destination in america

Socorro is one of the best diving destinations in America and is waiting for you!
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