Dreamy Day at Roca Partida

We woke to tangerine blade, slicing the slate gray horizon. As the sun clawed its way above the sea it painted the Rock. Roca Partida came to life. We were presented a gift. A gift that was bottomless in treasures. Flat glassy seas – Cobalt blue boasting 100+ visibility. Mantas, sharks, schools and then humpbacks. Some saw the magical beasts under the surface and we all were in attendance of the performance played by a calf and its mother. Jumping, waving wings. They circled the boat and came along starboard, framed by the crystal window to the depths. Gasps and tears aboard the Belle Amie. Chaperoned by dolphin and silkies in the shadows. This all before breakfast was served. Thank you Roca!


By Nautilus Guests

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