Roca Partida: Better than Ever!

Roca Partida used to be a hard surface conditions because is a small rock in the middle of the Pacific ocean. But when I went to the back deck this morning with the sunrise I thought that I was in a lake. Was totally flat and the reflection on the sun in the surface was wonderful. When we were on the skiff on the way to the first dive we saw a whale coming close to roca by the west face, the current was soft coming from the west and I decide jump on the west side, crossing fingers to see the whale.
When we jumped a poD of dolphins came super fast to us and start to play with the divers. I decided to be a little bit away from them and watch the blue waiting for the whale.
When the dolphins leave us we were on the south face of roca and we saw a big mobula going to the east. The current didn’t let us come back to the west but I wanted to be a little bit more in the south, watching the west looking for the whale. And suddenly happens… A young mother and baby show up from the west with 4 o 5 dolphins around, they came to us spinning and playing. They crossed super close to us and the mother look into our eyes. One of the best moments I have ever diving…

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