Mantas, Hammerhead Sharks, Dolphins and more!

Last trip to the contract, a bit longer, one more day of activities, hoping to get a good one, which I think is already going well, first day at the boiler, wavy but beautiful, mantas, hammers, dolphins and more, feeling like the trip its going to be easy so far, the group seems to be going well, nice and gently people, the last one with have this really rude group, but we could handle ok, and everybody was happy, specially with the service, that was really what push it to the level we wanted to take it, the dives were ok, but not the best, even with the whale at roca, the rest of the dives were not the best, but the performance of everybody on service did everything, but coming back to this trip, the group seems to be great and really friendly, by the way, we have bunny back on the nautilus trips I was already once with her at magdalena bay, and really nice diver and person, with her attitude its a plus for everyone to be nice and gently, the vibe its feeling chill y bet
we hit the level we always do!!

Jaime Dive Guide

By Nautilus Crew

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