Dolphins and Mantas Everywhere at Punta Tosca.

Today we are at Punta Tosca, and guess what, we saw dolphins! A pack of seven or eight dolphins and one baby included, where crossing the reef. The best part was when four dolphins stayed and played with the divers! Great interaction! One of the big ones stayed for a long time and was swimming all around the divers, waiting for us to take pictures and videos. A real rock star!
But not only dolphins we saw today, we had mantas too! Mantas on every dive, some of them just passing by and some others more playful. On the first two dives the current wasn’t bad, but in the afternoon dive everything changed, we had a super strong current that we had to do a drift dive. Not too much chance to explore the reef, just go with the flow and wait for something to appear, and we saw a manta! The super friendly manta Alice who loves to play with the divers. We saw her on every single dive today! She is beautiful!
Now it’s time to explore another island for tomorrow, and our next destinations is…


By Nautilus Crew

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