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What I like the most about diving in open ocean is how crazy things can get. Unexpected wildlife events that keep me on tune. Thank you wind, current and swell for making me have so much fun!. Everything changes even in one dive. Yesterday it was windy day at San Benedicto. When it blows from the north all the ashes of the Volcan comes to the water. It was like diving in the sky between clouds, it was amazing to see the clouds of ashes between the gaps of blue water. When we jumped in the canyon, I though how am I going to arrive to the cleaning station?. I could not even see my own hand. Little by little as we started gaining deepness visibility started clearing out. IT WAS AMAZING the amount of galapagos, silver tips and hammers that were at the cleaning station!! UNBELIEVABLE. Vision turn out being good there and the amount and diversity of marine life even better!. Today at PUNTA Tosca also mother ocean surprise us with a downward current at 30 meters…. When you feel you have controlled the situation, that the dive would be calm and “nice and easy” , the Pacific Ocean tell you who is the boss with unexpected wildlife events!!!. Nothing scary, we were close to the wall and we could climb up, but it was a friendly reminder to keep us humble and respectful of how powerful is the area where we work.


By Nautilus Crew

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