The Archipelago Revillagigedo did it again

Talking about bucket list diving, forfilling wishes, exceed expectations or just having the dive and/ or trips of a lifetime…
We observed schools of huge Tunas, Different species of Jacks in schools of hundreds, Wahoos and so much more…
We had encounters with a bunch of different Shark species, White Tip Reef Sharks. Sliver Tips, Galapagos, Silkies, Duskies and schools of Hammerheads… AND we were able to dive with the gentle giant of Socorro; The Whale Shark.
We had the most amazing interaction with Dolphins and that even on 2 different days…
We saw Humpback Whales breaching on the surface and a lot of different bird species, Fregatts, 3 species of boobies, Petrels, Tropic birds… Revillagigedo is full of Wildlife above and under the water.
Revi is a raw diamond, semi virgin wild beauty, almost untouched by man, a paradise that is still almost unknown to the world (taking divers out of the equation).
Wilderness at its best, remote and just WOW.
We have such a good time watching the amazing landscape of Revillagigedo, different Islands different Landscape and all out of a movie, mind boggling night sky and interesting people sharing interesting stories and creating new memories together and all that with the best food I ever had on a liveaboard job. Not trying to sell that trip, just trying to get you the best time of your dive life.
Come and check it out.
I still get amazed every trip even after years diving Archipelago Revillagigedo

Dive guide Pascal

By Nautilus Crew

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