Amazing Dive at El Canyon

Today the third dive at the canyon was AMAZING. Visibility of 25 meters, mild current from the east and warm water. As soon as we jumped we encounter a group of 15 hammerheads, they were not shy. We stay close to the sandy bottom and enjoy them. I love when all the divers speak the same language and so that!. Then the cleaning station was full of huge galapagos and silvertips. There was also one dusky who had a very special attitude he was escolted by two pilot fishes and like 20 jacks. When we started shallowing our dive we saw a chevron manta mata passing by and a small female tiger shark. When we thought that Canyon had gave us all a school of at least 50 yellow fin tuna pass by to rub up a perfect dive at the Canyon. Now we just lift the anchor and we are on our way to ROCA PARTIDA. Looking foward to see what she has for us tomorrow.


By Nautilus Crew

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