Orcas in Mexico

Orcas in The Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Orcas: An experience like no other in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico!

Orcas in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico? Keep reading, this blog will interest you!

The marine life diversity you can find in the Sea of Cortez throughout the year is just amazing! Seriously! It’s like a non-stop party of underwater awesomeness!

Right now, we’re having this awesome season with Mobulas and Orcas, and let us tell you, they’re giving out some mind blowing experiences, from sightings to even swimming alongside them! It’s like being in a real-life nature documentary, but better because you’re actually there!

Today is day 1 of our next orca trip. Whooohooooo! This morning we loaded up our super panga and headed out towards Cerralvo channel and found a large group of mobula rays and had a great swim with them. Everyone loaded back up only to get intercepted by a big group of dolphins. The day just continued getting better when a group of 5 orcas came right past our snorkelers close to the abandoned hotel at La Venta. Today was a super sweet day in the Sea of Cortez.

Captain Rafael Aguilar

Incredible adventure! Every day was a different experience. The amount of wildlife we saw was truly amazing…orcas, blue whales, fin whales, pilot whales, mobula rays, dolphins, turtles, and sea lions. Having a pod of 8 whales go by you as are snorkeling 20 feet above them was magical! And what makes this adventure even better is the crew. Our extremely experienced inflatable boat driver would put us in the perfect position to jump in the water and see the animals up close and personal. Our snorkel guide was with us in the water leading the way and pointing out things to us. The chef and staff kept us very well fed. And our captain was excellent at spotting wild life.
Andrea, Seattle

Orca adventure in the sea of Cortez. A trip of abundance! Poseidon himself was looking over us this week and gifted us with encounters with dolphins, sea lions, mobula rays s, blue whales and the star of the show 2 different days of orca. Including one friendly pod of 8 killer whales! Living in a blue dream of beautiful marine animals onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady!


Our first day was absolutely amazing, we had the chance to see a pod of orcas, there were two males, one was huge, he swam right next to the RHIB, it something that I’ll keep in my mind forever.


N – for nature. An incredible array of wildlife was observed from Orcas (more than one and more than once…) Fin whales, blue whales, pilot whales, mobula rays, sea lions, and dolphins.
A – for attentive. The captain and crew were very focused on us. The customer experience was never forgotten.
U – for unbelievable whether it was the food that was cooked with love and mad skills to the accommodations and the miracles of the ocean.
T – for teamwork! As we all know, teamwork makes the dream work.
I – for incredible. Everyone ensured that our adventures were incredible.
L – for love. In such a short period of time, love for nature and humanity was in abundance and overflowing.
U – for undeniable. Whether surrounding us with thousands of Mobula rays, to hundreds of Dolphins to multiple hours swimming with the Orcas.
S – for spectacular. The word simply encapsulates the entire adventure so far.

Though this trip will be a moment in time, it will be the moment in time that will be forever etched into my mind, my heart and my soul and thank all those individuals on this adventure with me that were strangers, but now are people I would call friends.

Dr. Stephen H. Hill, Florida

We cannot wait to have you on board with us on this fantastic adventure where you’ll connect with nature on a level that you never expected! Visit the Orcas in Mexico, an experience like no other!

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