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Baja Expeditions. Since 1974. A sister company to Nautilus and SeeCreatures. 50 years is a proud achievement for any dive charter company, and we are celebrating this milestone with special trips, parties, and 50% savings on 2 very special anniversary adventures. Remembering the old and bringing in the new. We will be starting each trip with a carne asada, lots of cold beers, and a mariachi band at Baja Expeditions HQ. And finishing each adventure with one of Timo Means’ classic margarita parties back at HQ, open to everyone who loves BajaEx. Let’s party!

“I remember very well our first Sea of Cortez trip under the Baja Ex flag. We were used to cold water trips in BC and Alaska where we tied up and everybody grabbed their stuff and drove away. There was no way Tim Means was going to let us do that in La Paz. He insisted that we get back to town the night before disembarkation and arranged for a big party at the old BEX store on the Malecon. Margaritas. Lots of margaritas!!! Loads of laughter. Everyone was chatting away at full volume. Guests, crew, and lots of people in the store who we didn’t know and hadn’t been on the trip but wanted to hear all about how the diving went. It was joyful, and I was very grateful to Timo for making it happen”.

Captain Mike of the Nautilus Explorer

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