Best Time to Dive Socorro!

Dive into Socorro: When’s the Best Time?

Often, we’re asked, when we think is the best time to dive Socorro, and although the answer may vary depending on our guests’ preferences and who’s responding, this season, everyone seems to agree that the best time to dive Socorro is on this year, and this season!

Socorro Island is driving us crazy!

We’re having one of the best, if not the best, seasons ever, and each day surpasses the previous one. You read right! The best time to dive Socorro it’s happening on every expedition, any day of the week.

More marine life, more encounters, and more interactions than ever before!
Regardless of the weather conditions that some times aren’t the most convenient, divers, dolphins, mantas, sharks, and even whales are in a harmony that leaves us all with hearts full of joy for the pleasure of connecting so deeply with the world beneath the water.

What a special diving day we had a Roca Partida. The first dive of the day we jumped exactly at the sweet spot. Where the current hits the rock is the perfect place to have amazing encounters with pelagics, that is what we called the sweet spot! Minutes when we started hearing them come. A pod of around 40 dolphins came to us. For all the dive they stayed with us. Swimming around us, jumping to the surface and coming back to continue playing with us. The behavior of this family of dolphins is different to the ones we usually see in Socorro. They are wild. They are a bit surprise with our bubbles and intrigue. We copy their movements and they seem to like it.


Today at Canyon on san Benedicto island has been just incredible, the best dives of the trip and probably the socorro season. There is a huge pod of dolphins that has been on the dive site for the entirety of both dives, playful and interactive.

There is a big school of hammerhead sharks, 15-20 big Galagos sharks, silver-tips and silkies, schooling yellow-fin tuna, PLUS at least 3 different giant mantas cruising and hanging around the divers while they are watching all the dolphin and shark show. None of these animals are just passing by one or two groups, they are all hanging right around the divesite, for the entire dive on both of our 2 morning dives. Guests are just blown away.

Captain Gordon

Sometimes, the weather may act against us on the surface, but beneath the water, the encounters continue to be fantastic!

Roca Partida, when you see this rock poking above the surface in the middle of the ocean, you already know the day is going to be incredible !
Conditions are a bit more rough than in San Benedicto but the crew is managing super well.
As soon as we jumped in the water, dolphins came to say hi and stayed to play with us.
Along the wall : white tip reef sharks sleeping in the holes, sometimes stacked on the top of each other or sharing with big lobsters.
As soon as we reached the corner exposed to more current, it all became crazy : giant mantas dancing together, White tip and silver tip sharks swimming in the blue, more mantas passing by, the dolphins again, very big tunas, school of jacks, all at the same time !
Can’t wait to see what’s going on in Socorro Island tomorrow.

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What a spectacular dive today at the boiler on san Benedicto Island as we splashed in! hammerhead sharks! they came from the north, first below us, with their so peculiar shape drawn over the sandy bottom. 30, 40 of them? they slowly swam below us then circled and came back, shallower this time. behind them, they were trailing a massive school of yellow fin tunas, all of them in the 4ft range, hundreds, swarming all around us. we got distracted for a second as a chevron giant manta passed by, swimming majestically towards the underwater peak that we call “the boiler” for the way the ocean surface sometimes boils on the top of the pinnacle…dinner time! the White tip Sharks on the pinnacle were actively looking for prey along 3 free swimming moorey eels, sniffing from holes to rocks in search for a snack. blue trevalley and green jack were also pretty excited, the tension of the hunt could be felt, beautiful. we had to go up though, safety stop. turn around: a cheeky bottlenose dolphin circled us and swam in the blue. really? is this dive real? amazing !!


Experiences that will remain etched in memory forever and moments of complete fulfillment are what guests and crew are experiencing in every immersion, at every dive site, at every moment. And now it is your turn to live it!
So, if you ask us: When is it the best time to dive Socorro? Our answer is simple: The time to join us is now!

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