Socorro, Mexico Diving Experiences

Socorro Mexico: Diving in a Marine Heaven

Socorro, Mexico, diving is the gift that keeps on giving! It just keeps getting better and better: more marine life interacting with divers, more action, and more moments that will stay with you forever!

Our guests are creating insane memories this season! From interactions with friendly dolphins, to encounters that seem unreal with massive whale sharks, there is not a single day that is not filled with joy and excitement!

The diving life is a funny thing, so many options and places to go. By and large I am a lazy diver but I have an adventurous side as well. Nautilus has been an amazing experience, first dive of the trip we saw a manta, tiger shark and hammerhead all in the first 10 minutes of what was supposed to be a check dive

-John Silliman

With up to 4 dives a day, you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. Along with the breathtaking backdrop of the volcanic islands, the true beauty of Socorro is the diversity underwater. Where else can you have the opportunity to look a manta in the eye, play with a pod of dolphins, and glide alongside a ginormous whale shark all in one dive!?

 Punta Tosca at Socorro Island. The dive began with a mesmerizing encounter with a group of several massive oceanic mantas that circled us for a while, hovering over the group, before gracefully swimming away into the sunset. Later in the dive we saw a free swimming moray eel, unbothered by the daylight and seemingly on a mission to thrill. Finally, we were joined by a pod of nine dolphins, more friendly and acrobatic than I would have possibly imagined.

Ben L. Massachusets

This has been a trip of a lifetime and such a unique experience that not many get to share. This is the only place in the world where I have seen multiple Hammerheads, Great Pacific Mantas, Siver Tip Sharks, Silkie Sharks and White Tip Sharks on every single dive.
The crew is outstanding above the water and below the water, always accomodating your every need. The crew has your safety in mind every step of the way and they have the dive procedures down to a science to make your dive experience the best it can be. It can get a little sporty getting in and out of the zodiacs but they have that safety down to a science as well. The chef provides fantastic meals and nobody leaves the table hungry. The mechanical crew is johnny on the spot to quickly address any of the issues that can arise on a dive boat in the middle of the ocean. I am very grateful to be able to experience this trip of liftime and I have made many new friends on and off the boat.


Today – All was fantastic. We dove with giant mantas, danced with dolphins (up close and they were slow and friendly). The visibility was great and water temperature was just about right. The crew was very helpful and friendly, food was amazing too!


Socorro Mexico, Diving is a truly unforgettable experience that can bring you joyful encounters and a deep connection that can change your life forever.

Come and see what all the fuss is about, we are waiting for you!

By Nautilus Staff

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