Unbelievable Socorro Dive

What a spectacular dive today at the boiler! as we splashed in, the surprise: pristine clear water, I could see the bottom deep below us with all details more than 120ft down. light current, just enough to go look for…hammerheads! they came from the north, first below us, with their so peculiar shape drawn over the sandy bottom. 30, 40 of them? they slowly swam below us then circled and came back, shallower this time. behind them, they were trailing a massive school of yellow fin tunas, all of them in the 4ft range, hundreds, swarming all around us. we got distracted for a second as a chevron giant manta passed by, swimming majestically towards the boiler. we followed the invitation to the rock: dinner time! by the end of the day, the whitetips were actively looking for prey along 3 free swimming moorey eels, sniffing from holes to rocks in search for a snack. blue trevalley and green jack were also pretty excited, the tension of the hunt could be felt, beautiful. we had to go up though, safety stop. trun around: a cheeky bottlenose dolphin circled us and swam in the blue. really? is this dive real? amazing !!

Mate Yann onboard NEX

By Nautilus Crew

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