Captain’s Noon Reports – Under Sea – 2024-05-17

NUS Anchored at 19°17.7N-110°48.5W, in 50ft depth, southern anchorage of San Benedicto Island, the sky is clear, air temperature 70°F, the wind blowing strong from the northwest of more than 20 knots and 3ft waves entering the shelter.

This morning two dives were done. The first checkout dive was done at the Fondeadero and we observed that the guests do not have experience in this type of diving and we are taking them slowly in shallow places.

On this dive they saw two mantas, for the second dive the site was southern tip and it was a very good school of more than 30 Hammerhead Sharks and 4 different mantas, one black and three chevron.

Conditions in both dives: Vis 80ft, water temp 74°f and without current. For the afternoon two more dives were planned. A lot of ash flying everywhere on the volcano due to the force of the wind. All guests and crew had no problems today.

We are sharing the area with Valentina and Rocio del Mar. Plan for tomorrow, Isla Socorro.

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