The Sea of Cortes never cease of surprising us!

Today we started our search on the southeast side of Cerralvo Island. Beautiful day. Seas calm, blue sky, warm water and great visibility. We had the spotter plane and the mother ship looking offshore while we were closer to the island.
The energy of the group was amazing! Everyone very positive and looking hard in the distance to try to find mobulas or marine mammal spouts. Later in the morning we were lucky to find a huge whale shark. We think it was a female. She was peaceful swimming for hours very close to the surface. Other pangas from the local town were there too and we took turns to respect the animal and to try to have everyone happy and a give guests a good experience.
We came back to the Gallant Lady for lunch a guests took a little break. Later in the afternoon we went back to the fast boat when Miguel, the mate, found two spouts in the distance. We first thought those were humpback whales. But when we got closer we found out the spouts were quite tall and particular for not a humpback whale, but a BLUE WHALE! Yes! after many times we saw these two whales come to surface to breath we were able to confirm those were blue whales. For many of our guests was the first time seeing a blue whale. For others this wonderful surprise was a beautiful present from the ocean!
Great day for all of us that we will always remember!

Juan David

By Nautilus Crew

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