This trip is a dream – mantastic!!

Four dives a day and a new highlight every day – rays, sharks, bait balls, turtles… Diving through lava arches and with dolphins. Once in a lifetime experience, until you get to repeat it the next day.
The dive guides are most knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, attentive, full of energy, and very trustworthy. Each of them is unique in their own way – Stein, Mariana, Xavi, Nico, and, of course, Emiliano. Thank you so much!

I have never seen something similar – these guys manage to get 34 people into the water and out of it so quickly, efficently, friendly and safely, while always being in the best of spirits.

Safety is a top priority on board, getting in and out of the Zodiac, and during the dives. The crew around captain Beto, Anibal and Sebastian have their routines down to perfection, keep everything together and yet are so friendly and forthcoming.
Last but certainly not least, the food is amazing, both in quality, quantity, and frequency. If one wants, one could spend the entire day diving and eating. Special thanks to Osa, Karen, and the amazing kitchen crew. Full recommend!

Daniela + Tobias (Germany)

By Nautilus Guests

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