Manta interaction is something special in Socorro

Manta interaction is something special around these islands. I still don’t understand why these Mantas are so much more social then around other places. It seems like they genuinely like the interaction with humans. We spend the day at Cabo Pearce I like usually the Mantas were so friendly. Specially on the second dive of the day. We had not a single minute of the dive with a Manta around. They kept circling around us to look at us. All guest got there personal “eye lock” moment. You can see the Matas looking at you and checking you out. It creates a special connection with these amazing animals. I feel like over the years coming here I created a special connection with the Mantas. It goes so far that I feel really bad when I see injures Mantas. Like the one I saw the first time in January this year. She is a adult female Black Manta. When I saw her the first time this season she has a missing tale. It was bleeding. She was at the cleaning station at Cabo Pearce and the Cl
arion Angel Fish were helping her clean and heal the wound. Now we are in June and she is still around the same dive site. Yesterday seeing her I could tell that she is doing great. Giving me a great feeling the rest of the day. Knowing she has recovered well.
Now we are on the way to Roca Partida. Let see what nature hold for us tomorrow……

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