Mantas and Dolphins together everywhere

Just quickly sharing the last dive with you… We are anchored in Cabo Pearce, in the waters of Socorro Island. A sheer wall of eroded volcanic origin raises in north, south wards the open Pacific Ocean extends into somethings that feels like infinity, sun is low in the west above the main Volcano, the Evermann. In the almost totally blue sky, some clouds are hovering, those imperfections in the sky is leveling the entire scenery up to perfection. Perfection is simple, like a blue sky with clouds onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie… Than you hit the water for the last dive of the day you gliding into an otherly world where you can´t expect things to happen, where you are delivered to the goodwill of mother Nature and may be meet some best of´s from miss Evolution. We diving along an old lava finger with a nice drop to 70-80 meters or more. Looking around and hope to find the Big Pelagics we came here for… Majestic Angels appear out of the blue, first just shadows and than you clearly see the Mantas coming in… towards you… first 2 than a third and a fourth, magical creatures from another alienish world, self conscious creatures coming to meet you, curious and friendly. that’s the words that with, our anthropomorphic vocabulary would qualify them, but who knows what those highly intelligent creatures think or feel. One thing is obvious they coming for you and they want to interact. They coming close and closer watching you, their eyeball follows you, and the creatures fades away, just to return a minute later to come straight for you and begin to hover just above you may be 2 feet over your head, exposing the most vulnerable side to you, their belly, they somehow trust us and enjoy the play with us. They come in and circle you and make their Manta dance, it is spectacular… and than suddenly the tricksters of the ocean swims by to join the party… Bottle Nose Dolphins showed up to play. You really don´t know where to watch and the Dolphins swirling around you than slows down and coming really really close to provoke a reaction from you, very attentive they observe you and you observe them. They come and go but keep you hypnotized and they do it for 25 minutes. Mantas and Dolphins together everywhere. On one point I counted 4 Mantas and 6 Dolphins, a Galapagos Shark passed by and a Silky Shark, all that in one picture, to process that you need some time. Your brain can´t compute all the feelings and emotions that come in like an avalanche… but for a glimpse of a moment you are connected with the wild, an archaic feeling of being part of it all overcomes you, just to fade away again, but you keep the memory of that feeling. You keep it in you heart like a precious. It is the best way of living here and know, you don´t need a Guru or a Yogi, you just need simple pure wild encounters…
perfection is simple… perfection is pure… perfection is wild…

Follow us, we know where perfection lives, lets ring on her door together!

A blessed dive guide

By Nautilus Crew

Recent blogs and dive reports from the crew onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard's vessels.

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